Menhirs (4,000 B.C.) at Le musée FENAILLE, Rodez, France

Re-imagined Gothic Stained Glass, Rodez Catherdral

Chapel(11th century, that's it at the top of the hill) in Ambialet, France

Sculpture in front of residence, Ledergues, France

House amidst the rock, Ambialet, France

Houses by the Stream, Estaing, France

River Viaur, France

Aubrac Cow and Pasture Near Tanus, France

Marla Catches One at the Trout Farm, near Ledergues, France

Gutting a Deer, La Boudonie, France

Chapelle de las Planques (c.11th century), Tanus, France

Time to make grape juice

Renault and Peugeot

Janice and Marla at Villefrance-de-Panat, France

Homes in Najac, France

Sumach in October, Brousse le Chateau, France

Wood at La Boudanie, France

Oh my Goth

Chateau and Cathedral in Najac, France


Shutters and man in Albi, France

Cathedral and view at Albi, France


Un pression s.v.p.

Belcastel, France

In the Cathedral, Rodez, France










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