Couple fishing the Mekong, near Chau Doc, Vietnam










The Mighty Mekong, at Chau Doc, Vietnam

Woman Rowers on the Mekong, Chau Doc, Vietnam



Junk off Cham Islands, Vietnam

Marla in the Cham Islands, Vietnam

Lantern Shop, Hoi An, Vietnam

Woman at market, Hoi An, Vietnam

Flower in Buddhist Temple, Hoi An, Vietnam

'Hey, pass me a brick'; - Hoi An, Vietnam

Beach near Hoi An, South China Sea

Fishing, near Hoi An, Vietnam

Boy with tamed wild bird, Hoi An, Vietnam

Imperial Court, Hue

Let 'er rip guys--traditional music performance, Huế


Vietnam, the world's #1 exporter of rice

Canine BBQ, Haiphong

Buddhist Worshipper, Haiphong, Vietnam

Flower Sellers, Haiiphong, Vietnam

Porcupine and Turtle on the Menu, Haiphong, Vietnam

Girl, Cat Ba town

Cat Ba Island, and Marla cruising therein

Rower, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Woman Eyeing Cakes, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Kayaking in Halong Bay


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